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To grow a brand, businesses need to create and maintain active communication with their existing clients and customers. In order to do this, there are several practices and approaches, perhaps none so effective as email marketing, where the ROI can be truly astronomical. According to one study, as much as $44 can be made for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns.

In short: everyone knows they need it, but few know how to do it well. It’s one thing to send out emails; it’s quite another to have people look forward to them, open them, and act on them. At Increzon, we help your company reach its goals via strategic email marketing campaigns tailored to the goals of your brand and the needs of your customers.

The Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around nearly as long as the internet itself. If you’ve ever received an email from your favorite clothing company or a vacation rental or a restaurant, you’ve been a recipient of email marketing. With this firsthand consumer knowledge, you can begin to consider what those emails contained, how they were designed, and whether they encouraged you to take action.

Many companies think they can take this on by themselves, only to discover that few people actually open their emails. Of those that do, almost no one clicks on the information or links or media within them.

The truth is that email marketing has to be treated with the same kind of care and attention to detail that’s involved in building a website. To garner attention, emails need to stand out from the crowd. In order to entice customers to take action, emails need to be crafted with diligence and a good eye for composition and customer engagement.

Good email marketing is the result of thorough research, intentional graphic design, excellent copywriting, proper data interpretation, and a little bit of good old fashioned engineering.

Increzon’s Email Marketing Services

  • Professionally crafted and designed email templates
  • Emails in tune with your marketing objectives
  • Personalized promotions that increase conversion rates
  • Newsletter signup optimization to consistently grow your list
  • Analytics and reports detailing open and click-through rates
  • A/B testing to optimize opens and CTR

Start sending emails that matter. Engage with your customers and provide content that excites them. Our strategy begins by aligning with your goals and aesthetic and follows through with email marketing campaigns that consistently drive action and engagement. Your company is different than any other. Enable your customers see the value in your goods and services and become active promoters of your brand. Email us today to get started.

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