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Everything can be found online with a few taps, and an overwhelming majority of the time, those clicks end up on Amazon is the king of online retail, which means that your product needs to be on their platform and set up for success. To boost your Amazon ranking, traffic, and sales, you need to craft an irresistible Amazon SEO campaign that forces your products to show up before all the others.

Amazon SEO

Why Amazon SEO Is So Important

According to recent sales statistics, Amazon sold $232 billion worth of goods in 2018 alone. They drive unbelievable traffic to reach those numbers, to the tune of about 200 million unique visitors per month. To drive the point home even further, a whopping 62% of their customers are Amazon Prime members, meaning they are likely ready to make a purchase as soon as they land on Amazon’s homepage.

Amazon Statistics
Source: Statista

The sales figures for Amazon seem to know no other way to go but up. Net revenue for the company has increased each year since 2004. Over the last three years, net revenue increased year-over-year by an average of about $50 billion.

The numbers tell a very convincing story: Amazon is the place to be for online retail success. But achieving sales success on isn’t easy. You need to have a solid foundation in Amazon search engine optimization (SEO).

Without Amazon SEO in place on your listings, your products will rarely get noticed, and you will likely struggle to even come close to the sales numbers you’d like to see each and every month.

The lasting impact of incredible Amazon search engine optimization is evident to companies seeking to increase revenue in the online retail space. In order to make that a reality, these organizations need to partner with experts in the field of Amazon SEO, a team of professionals who can make products stand out from the crowd and achieve unprecedented sales quickly and consistently.

The Keys to Amazon SEO Success

Amazon A9

The keys to Amazon SEO success are revealed by Amazon’s own search engine product, which they call A9. A9 processes an incredible 1.2 billion ad requests and 45 million visual searches each day, and it performs each one of these searches in just 212 milliseconds. In other words, A9 works really well and it’s super fast.

On Amazon’s A9 website, they write about the importance of understanding the customer, along with results and ranking. These three aspects of Amazon search underlie the most critical features of an Amazon SEO approach.

It is important to understand that Amazon’s search engine is not exactly like Google or Yahoo. Their search tool, A9, functions in a unique way that targets specific keywords in order to provide the most relevant list of products for consumers to purchase. With this in mind, retailers need to ensure they are aiming for the correct keywords every time.

Along these same lines, every successful Amazon listing needs to have high-quality pictures of their products. Amazon SEO places a very high importance on photos and the helpfulness of those pictures to customers. Can you imagine buying something online without seeing a picture first? An Amazon listing without a photo might as well not even exist.

As a product’s ranking improves on the platform, more and more consumers will be shown the listing. With each new sale of the product, it's Amazon ranking improves again. Satisfied customers write (legitimate) positive reviews, which boost the listing notability even further.

This is the feedback loop of listing success: high-quality Amazon SEO leads to high product rankings, creating greater sales and reviews, which increases the product prominence even more. None of this possible, however, without a team of professionals crafting your product pages’ search engine optimization on the platform.

How Increzon Makes Your Products Irresistible

  • Increzon’s unique approach to Amazon SEO gives your products the ability to get noticed and increase traffic, sales, and reviews. We get you set up for success, review pages and accounts, improve listings, and continue to optimize in the future for even higher rankings and sales.
  • To begin, Increzon officially registers your company on Amazon to get you ready to go, if you aren’t already. We guarantee that you will be fully setup to begin offering your products for sale on the platform faster than anybody else.
  • We run a thorough inspection on your existing Amazon page to make sure that you understand how your page is performing in search results, offer targeted keyword opportunities, organize and improve all of your current product pages, correct listings as needed, and revise any necessary classification changes in light of new releases or updated information.
  • Using tools that allow us to inspect your competition’s game plan for ranking highly on Amazon search results, Increzon can recognize areas of improvement on your listings and provide suggestions on product pricing. All of this works to make your listings more competitive and appealing to consumers over the other guys.
  • Product descriptions and photos are the heart and soul of Amazon SEO. Our specialists provide excellent photography (videography is also available when needed) and craft targeted narratives and commentary that create buzz around your products and entice customers to make a purchase right away.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Increzon does the continued work of ensuring that your products have the most updated keywords and pricing for your niche. If you want to pay for sponsored ads on Amazon to increase your ranking and sales, we can help with that too. PPC can be a game changer, and we know how to tilt the rules in your favor.

Increzon is the leader in Amazon SEO, converting high-quality optimization into results. Our unique approach allows your brand to get noticed on Amazon and generates excitement around your products. Watch your listing reviews, rankings, and sales skyrocket like never before. Whether you’ve been on Amazon for years or are just getting started, Increzon is the professional team you need to explode on the world’s biggest online retailer.

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