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The basis of any web traffic strategy is optimizing a website for search engines, but sometimes you need to give your site a little assistance. That help is called pay-per-click marketing (or PPC for short). PPC management teams can make your dollars go further and reach more potential clients and customers than using SEO alone.

What Is PPC?

If you’ve ever seen and clicked on an ad at the top of your Google search results, you’ve interacted with PPC. Pay-per-click advertising is exactly what the name implies. PPC is marketing that only charges for the clicks that it produces.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising — such TV, radio, or highway billboards — that charge you upfront, PPC is a cost-effective way to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Just as search engine optimization ensures that your website shows up for the right keywords, pay-per-click makes sure that your ad appears for the right keywords.

Search engines generate traffic and leads, which eventually turn into sales, customers, and valued clients. PPC works in combination with great SEO to give your brand the best possible chance of reaching these clients both now and in the future.

With a great PPC marketing management team on your side, you can rest assured that your ad spend is being utilized effectively and efficiently at all times to produce the greatest possible results.

Increzon’s Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising works on a number of different levels. You optimize your website for Google’s algorithm, right? Well, your ads need to be optimized for search engines too. That’s where Increzon comes in. Here is a quick guide to our PPC services, so you know what to expect with us on your team:

Thorough Keyword Analysis and Research

We make sure that your PPC ads show up for the right search terms and phrases. In order to achieve this, we use our search tools to find the most profitable keywords with the right volume of searches for your niche. We monitor click-through rate (or CTR) to ensure that Google shows your ads to the right people, individuals who will actually click on them and ultimately become your customers.

Creative Ad Design and Production

To compete in the online business landscape, you need to talk the talk and look the look. In addition to determining the right words, we also craft beautifully designed ads for you that appeal to the right demographic while remaining an ideal reflection of your brand.

Tailored Landing Pages

Getting people to click your PPC ads is only the first step. Getting them to make a purchase is what comes next. To increase your conversion rate, we optimize your landing page(s) to make them stand out and draw people in. Combined with a high CTR, your landing page will become an effective tool for closing sales time and time again.

A/B Ad Testing

Smart data drives results. At Increzon, we create multiple versions of your PPC advertisements in order to determine which ones are producing the greatest results. Repeating this process allows us to continually hone in on what works best for you and your clientele.

Unparalleled Remarketing

The Rule of Seven says that consumers need to be exposed to a new brand, product, or service seven times before they are likely to make a purchase. Approximately 80% of all purchases happen only after at least five exposures. Remarketing is the way to make all this work without overspending.

Specifically, remarketing is the process of targeting users with PPC ads that have already interacted with your business at some point in the past. Using this strategy, you can make sure that people who are interested in your brand get another opportunity to take action and become a customer.

Hyperlocal Campaigns

Sometimes, the best ad campaign is the one that’s tailored to the fewest number of people. If you need to market your products or services to an individual state, city, county, or town, we’ve got you covered. Get your brand in front of the right people every time with geo-based PPC ads.

ROI Results Monitoring

To bring it all together, Increzon gives you the tools you need to make the most informed decision when it comes to your marketing budget. We track every ad dollar spent and analyze the ROI results so you have a complete picture. When it comes to a return on your PPC investment, we go above and beyond to provide transparency and clarity every step of the way.

How Increzon Takes Your PPC Advertising To The Next Level

Like search engine optimization, pay-per-click can be very confusing and complex. But at Increzon, we want to make it understandable for all our clients. We want you to understand how our Pay Per Click marketing campaign works to generate consistent traffic for your website. We do this by providing the following unique services:

Exceptional Reports and Analysis

Here are just a few of the advantages of teaming up with Increzon for your PPC needs:

    • 24/7 client portal access
    • Industry standard paid traffic analytics
    • Regularly updated metrics and insights
    • Targeted keyword rankings
    • ROI monitoring
    • Monthly snapshots of your PPC campaigns
    • Customer support via email and web portal

Increzon is the leader in PPC, producing high-quality ads that consistently generate a high click-through rate. Our time-tested strategy will have customers rushing to your website from their Google search results. Watch your traffic and results skyrocket like you’ve never seen. Whether you’ve been online for a decade or are just creating your website, Increzon is the professional team you need to have your advertising explode right away.

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