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You’ve probably interacted with businesses on social media before. Did their page look like it had a meaningful purpose and unique brand? If you wrote to them, have you ever gotten a response? If you did get a response, was it meaningful? Here’s why we ask: social media profiles for brands are often stuffy and lack any real value for their customers and clients. At Increzon, we don’t just do social media management (*link here*). We also do social media brand management, crafting a unique and on-brand persona for your business that attracts prospective buyers in a real, meaningful way.

Difference Between Social Media Management And Social Media Brand Management

This is a great question. Social media management is the process of creating profiles on social networks, posting content on those platforms, and responding to questions and comments about your brand. Brand management takes all this one step further, by crafting a vision for your social media presence that goes beyond the obvious.

In other words: social media management is a necessity, and everybody does it. Social media brand management goes the extra mile to make sure that your company’s overall social presence is seamless across platforms and provides genuine connection with users that they appreciate and remember. Ultimately, this will bring them back for more.

Many companies “do social media”, but it’s the brands that focus on a compelling vision for themselves that transform their persona online through the various social platforms. Here’s another way to put it: social media brand management ensures that your followers across all networks feel a real human presence on the other end of the screen, not just another customer service representative.

Social Media Brand Management Done Right!

From A to Z, social media brand management is about telling a great (and true) story about your brand. What makes it tick? How are you different from everyone else? Why should people do business with you over all the rest? At Increzon, we focus on a few key tactics to take your company’s online presence to the next level:

  • Brand Identity — Once we understand your brand, we are able to tailor your entire social media persona to fit that idea. This way, customers always know what they’re getting when they work with you: the best in the business.
  • Meaningful Communication — Don’t just reply to messages. Communicate with your followers. Remember: every mention of your brand online is another potential customer. We make sure that each one counts by digging deeper, having real conversations, and messaging every follower that reaches out.

Loyalty and Engagement — With great branding and communication comes the next logical step: increased loyalty and engagement. As your brand solidifies itself as a meaningful presence on social platforms, your profiles will become organic sources of leads and web traffic day in and day out.

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