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Increasingly, the world is shopping on one platform: Shopify. With more and more companies utilizing the Shopify platform, brands need to do more to stand out. As a Shopify Partner, we have experience and skills to tailor customized Shopify themes for every company’s goals and budget. Free themes just don’t cut it anymore. Let us take on all your Shopify web design needs to create great landing pages that convert again and again.

At Increzon, we focus on unique designs and meaningful experiences. Whether your Shopify store opened today or has been around for years, we can help you boost your conversions and take your sales to the next level.

What Exactly Is Shopify Design

If you have a store that runs on the Shopify platform, then your eCommerce (*link here*) naturally already has some version of a Shopify design. The problem is that many companies think they can get by with a generic Shopify template and still compete with the established players in their field.

This could not be further from the truth. Custom Shopify Design is the process of creating a brand new website within the Shopify platform and suite of services. With a fully customized Shopify website, you can actually give your customers what they need and provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Sure, you could always use a stock template. But, as Mark Twain once said, “The right word is to the nearly right word as lightning is to the lightning bug. Fill your book with lightning.” At Increzon, this is exactly what we do: we fill your website with lightning to make it stand out and grab customers from the moment they land, all the way through to their purchase. You only get one first impression with your customers. With a custom Shopify Design, you can make every impression count.

Fully Customized Shopify Web Design

Shopify is an ideal eCommerce platform for solopreneurs just starting out, as well as brands with years of experience. Here are just a few of the ways that a fully customized Shopify design from Increzon can grow your business from day one:

  • Tailored to Your Brand — Don’t let a bad Shopify theme get in the way of your company’s success. Whether you’re trying to sell homemade goods out of your apartment or millions of dollars of product each year, you need a theme that is tailored to your brand and your customers’ needs.
  • Shopify Partner — As a Certified Shopify Partner, Increzon is able to go above and beyond the everyday design. With our experience and relationship with Shopify, we know exactly how to build web stores that stand out and stand the test of time.

eCommerce SEO and Optimization — To attract the right customers, your eCommerce platform needs to be optimized for search engines. With a custom Shopify design from Increzon, you get a beautiful website and the necessary optimization to get lasting attention and consistent conversions.

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