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Most companies that have an online presence end up using Google Analytics for one reason or another. The problem is that Google Analytics was built “for everyone” to make use of. This might sound like a good thing, but it actually results in general analysis at the expense of in-depth website reporting. At Increzon, we solved this problem by creating our own analytics platform that can adapt to your website and scale along with you, helping you to drive sales more efficiently than ever. No more One Size Fits All analytics. With our tools, you can rest assured you never miss an important detail ever again.

How Do Custom Analytics Help Me?

We aren’t here to disparage or insult other analytics providers. We simply believe that businesses need an approach to analytics that enables them to work smarter, not harder, with tools that were actually made for them, not “for everyone”.

The way we do this is by using our own proprietary analytics platform that we built from the ground up. Because we made it, we know it inside and out, and we can tailor aspects of it to suit any business dynamic or objective.

The primary questions brands need to know about their website all involve customer interaction:

  • What are people doing when they visit our website?
  • Are there places where people are getting stuck or leaving?
  • What pages work best and how can I optimize the rest to convert more people?

With our platform, you don’t just get answers to these questions — you glean valuable insights into how your brand can perform better in the online environment and create a space customers want to be.

Increzon’s Analytics Platform Features

  • Traffic reporting
  • Conversion tracking and analysis
  • Search engine keyword referral
  • Third-party referrals (ex: social media)
  • Custom dashboard management
  • Campaign measurement analytics
  • User activity statistics
  • Tailored audience reports

Nobody does analytics like us. We built our platform from scratch to make sure it does everything that our clients need it to do and provides actionable insights to drive traffic and convert more customers than anybody else out there. If you’re getting nowhere with the other guys, let the team at Increzon show you how analytics is really done, and the power it can have to revolutionize your results. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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