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Nearly every company is on social media. But that doesn’t mean they’re utilizing each unique platform correctly or making the most of their presence. There are billions of users on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and TikTok and YouTube. Your company needs to be on these platforms, but you also need to be working strategically to ensure that you’re getting a return on your time invested in these incredibly powerful social networks. With Increzon social media management, we know the platforms inside and out, so we can tailor a unique plan for your business on each one, with daily posts, branded content, and much more.

Should I Do My Own Social Media Management

In a word: No. Here’s why: as a busy entrepreneur or manager, you already have too much going on to be spinning half a dozen more plates in the air (the major social networks). You are incredibly good at running your business. Keep doing that. Let us take on the social media responsibilities. (Note: We also do paid social media ads *link here*, for that much-needed social boost.)

Each social network has its own unique patterns and intricacies. Facebook works well with Groups. Twitter users use hashtags like it’s their job. Instagram is all about the image. LinkedIn readers typically like long-form content. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t get caught up in the frenzy and flurry of social media posting. Leave that to the experts. Let Increzon take on the burden of social media management, so that you can actually run your company and interact with your clients: in other words, the reason you got into business in the first place! We do social media better, because we understand it, and just as important — we love it. Social media is our bread and butter, and just one more thing we can take off your plate.

The Increzon Method to Social Media Management

We know you’re busy. That’s why we take on every aspect of social media management and marketing. From original and branded content, to timely posting and customer interaction, it’s our job to make sure your company looks like the King or Queen of Social Media. Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes at what we do:

  • Social Media Strategizing — We take the time to meet with every client in detailed conversations over the phone and via email, in order to determine your goals and objectives. With this in mind, we create a customized plan for social media management.
  • Profile Setup and Monitoring — No social media presence? No problem! We’ll set up all your accounts for you, with secure passwords, create your profile and banner images, and get your page looking like it’s been there for years. We also monitor mentions of your brand on the social networks, in order to engage with your clients on a personal level.

Original, On-Brand Content Creation — Nobody stops on stock photos anymore. With all the great content out there, you need native images, videos, and text in all the right places to make sure you stand out from the crowd and attract new clients and customers with every post.

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