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In recent years, advertising has come to mean two things: paid search and social media. The combination of the two creates a superpower known as social media paid advertising. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you can find the exact group of people that needs your product and service, and deliver expertly targeted ads directly to them. This enables your ad spend to work efficiently and effectively, without needless overspending. With Increzon Social Media Paid Advertising, we build targeted ad campaigns, continuously adjust based on results, and create the ideal environment for customer conversions.

What Is Social Media Paid Advertising

As the name suggests, social media paid advertising is the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to run paid ad campaigns. The target of these ads is users on the social media platforms. Have you ever seen an ad while scrolling through Instagram or before a YouTube video? Those are both great examples of social media paid ads.

There are literally billions of users on social media for hours every single day. To make the most of your ad spend and convert at a high rate, your brand needs to take advantage of social media paid advertising as soon as possible.

Think about it: the reason you see that specific ad on YouTube or Instagram is because the brand behind it (along with the social platform) knows that you are likely to want or need it. The product or service in those ads are targeted at you, which is why you are much more likely to convert and become a customer. With social media ads, in particular, you can also re-target people that have already engaged with your ad, to make them even more likely to become a lifelong customer or client with your business, whether online or in person.

How Paid Social Media Ads Work at Increzon

When it comes to social media and paid marketing, companies need to keep their brand message clear while also highlighting their unique value proposition in a way that’s native and organic, while utilizing the most effective social media platforms for their business. Here at Increzon, we do this by providing all of the following:

  • Targeting and Retargeting — Here’s how it works. We work with you to determine your ideal customer, then we find people fitting that precise description on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Once they’ve been targeted with ads, we use the new updated customer data to retarget those social media users, which exponentially increases the chances of conversion.
  • Ad Design and Copywriting — Marketing will never work without great ad design and excellent copywriting. That’s why every ad campaign we manage incorporates inhouse design tactics to build your brand awareness and social media conversions effectively every time.

Social Media Landing Pages — After your potential customers click on one of your ads, they need somewhere to go. That’s where landing pages come in. We craft highly effective social media landing pages to funnel your clients in the right direction to convert time and time.

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