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People are browsing the internet more on their phones these days than ever before. As a result, shoppers are buying more products and services on their phones as well. If a company’s website is not just as good (or better!) on an iPhone or Android device as it is on a laptop, then buyers will just go elsewhere. A website’s ability to adapt to any user’s device is called responsive design, and it is absolutely essential in today’s world. Potential customers and clients expect a seamless and responsive mobile browsing and shopping experience, and Google rewards those websites that have the best, most responsive designs.

With all this in mind, we have worked diligently to master the beauty and elegance of excellent responsive design. WordPress? Shopify? HTML? We’ve got you covered. Create a great responsive website design with Increzon today.

Why Websites Need Responsive Design

Imagine for a moment landing on a website on your phone for a product that you need. You probably start with Google and end up on an online storefront where you can make your selection and your purchase. But, imagine now that the website you landed on is hard to see; the text is too small; the images take up the whole page; and there’s no way to add your product to the cart.

This is a nightmare scenario for shoppers. And it’s a nightmare for business owners, too. Any time a buyer encounters a webshop like this, they are going to run for the hills (or, at least to another Google search result!).

Responsive design fixes all of this. With a mobile-ready (or “mobile-friendly”) website design, you are setting yourself up for success right from the start. With a responsive website on WordPress or Shopify, your website “knows” what type of device your customers are using, and it changes itself to fit their phone or tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. Here at Increzon, we know exactly how to create responsive websites the way shoppers love. We can also take your existing site and make it responsive after the fact. Don’t hesitate any longer. Your customers are waiting...

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design for Websites

As far as responsive design is concerned, your brand’s website needs to be able to adapt to any size screen or device. Thankfully, we know exactly how to make that happen. Here are a few of the tools we use to craft tailored responsive designs for your company’s website or online store:

  • Smartphone Readiness — The main key to any responsive website design is its ability to look great on smartphones, such as iPhones, Androids, and other devices. This is the bread and butter of any responsive web layout.
  • Flexibility — Whether it’s a tablet like an iPad or a PC or Mac, we ensure that your website is flexible to resize and regroup based on all major screen sizes and operating systems.

Seamless Navigation — Nothing matters more than a great user experience. At Increzon, we finetune every pixel to make sure that your users use your site easily and quickly, and, of course, that they come back for more!

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